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New Single | DJ Antoine & Mad Mark – Badtime Story

Sometimes everything just works the way you want it to. DJ Antoine, Mad Mark and SESA (Serhat Sakin) produced an amazing song for Houseworks. They were looking for a splendid singer to achieve the “finishing touch” for this great new tune. During a songwriting camp at the Amsterdam Dance Event 2022, they met the Dutch singer Jaimes by a coincidence and a few hours later the song was completed with an awesome vocal topline.

DJ Antoine and Mad Mark‘s “Badtime Story” describes a situation that each of us has experienced at least once in life. You see an attractive person you would like to get to know better, but you don’t dare to speak to him or her. Later you deeply regret it and you often think of that one encounter.

“Badtime Story” is one of these rare dance tunes that carries a sophisticated touch of class, simply a magnificent piece of work and a perfect symbiosis between modern dance music and the typical DJ Antoine & Mad Mark style.

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